Torrey Pines State Beach
Photo by Luis Peraza

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How do I contact County, State, or Federal government offices?

City Auditor

City Clerk (Office of)

Where can I obtain a disabled person parking placard?

How do I request a birth certificate?

How long does it take to process my passport?

How far in advance are passport appointments released?


How do I report a missed trash, recycling, or greenery collection?

How do I dispose of an old, damaged trash container?

How do I request additional green bins?

Does the City charge for blue recycling containers?

Dead Animal

Who do I contact regarding animal concerns?

Development Services

How do I report Code Enforcement violations?

How should I report a trash violation that occurs at a Short-Term Residential Occupancy (STRO)?

How should I report a noise violation, or other “public nuisances” related to a Short-Term Residential Occupancy (STRO)?

What are Short-Term Residential Occupancy (STRO) Tiers, why do they matter, and where can I locate this information? 

Where can a Short-Term Residential Occupancy (STRO) be located?

Why do I need to submit my full address when reporting a Short-Term Residential Occupancy (STRO) violation?

What is a Short-Term Residential Occupancy (STRO)? 

Environmental Services

I'm moving, how do I close my trash & recycling account?

How Do I Exchange an Organic Waste Recycling Green Container (to a different size)?

How can I help prevent scavengers from stealing out of curbside recycling containers?

How do I report a waste code violation (such as trash/litter/junk) or similar violations on city or private property?

How can residents recycle leftover auto products such as antifreeze, used motor oil, oil filters and vehicle batteries?

How can I request an additional kitchen pail?

How can I find out if my house is starting in the new food and yard waste (organic) collection?

What if my home/apartment/condo does not have a curbside recycling container?

I do not wish to participate in the Organic Recycling program. How do I opt out?

How will I know if my damaged container needs to be replaced?

How do I exchange my new organic waste recycling green bin for a different size?

Can I choose the size of my automated refuse and recycling collection containers?

I already have a green bin at home. Can I start adding food scraps to my green bin now?

What size green bins are offered and how many green bins can I have?

When will the new organic waste recycling collection service start and when am I receiving my new green bin at my home?

How much waste is buried in the landfill each year?

How do I report a dead animal?

What will happen when the new organic collection service starts at my home?

How do I know when my green bin will be picked up?

I am a resident at an apartment building. My property manager won’t provide us with a bin for food scraps, food-soiled paper and yard waste. What can I do?

Can I toss products labeled as “compostable” or “biodegradable” in the organic waste bin?

Where can I recycle consumer batteries, fluorescent bulbs, and mercury containing devices?

Will the organic waste bin start to smell or get dirty because of the food scraps collected?

How to Obtain a Container

What will happen when organic waste recycling starts at my apartment or condo building?

How are food scraps and yard waste processed?

What is automated refuse collection?

When is organic waste recycling collection starting?

As a business, who is going to clean my organic waste bin?

Will I be able to put dairy items in the organic waste bin?

What will I be able to put in the organic waste recycling bin?

Where can I recycle rechargeable batteries?

Where can I recycle electronic devices?

Why can’t I use plastic bags in the organic waste bin?

Why is the City requiring mandatory organic waste recycling?

Where can I recycle? What materials can I recycle?

Do I have to pay for the new green bin and kitchen pail?

Are vehicle tires accepted at the Miramar Landfill?

Will granny flats/accessory dwelling units (ADUs) receive green bins for organic waste recycling service?

What is the City doing to monitor and respond to illegal dumping?

What is the Miramar Recycling Center?

What are waste-related code violations?

Where will the green bin be delivered to?

What is “organic waste?”

What is Senate Bill 1383?

Get It Done Application

What happens when I submit a 72-hour vehicle violation report?

Get It Done Program

What do the report statuses mean?

How do I close my report?

How can I access the internet through public Wi-Fi?

My case was referred. What does that mean?

Green Bins & Kitchen Pails

Homeless Encampment

What happens when I submit a Homeless Outreach / Encampment report?

What is a Letter of Agency?

Illegal Dumping

Can you pick up illegally dumped items? When will it get picked up?

Where can I recycle an appliance?

Does my Maintenance Assessment District (MAD) or Property and Business Improvement Districts (PBID) offer litter-related services?

Large Item Disposal

What is the difference between “litter” and “large waste items”?

Missed Collections

Organic Waste

As a business, when am I getting my organic waste recycling bin?


How can I learn more about street resurfacing and pothole repairs?

How do I report litter or another issue with a freeway?

Whose responsibility is it to address issues with weeds?

How do I report an abandoned shopping cart and request its removal?

How do I report a sewer spill?

When do I need to call DigAlert?

Park & Recreation

How do I report a concern about sidewalk vending?

Parking Violation

How can I determine if my car was towed or impounded?

Parks & Recreation Facilities

How long do problems take to be resolved?

Passport Appointment

How do I make an appointment for a U.S. Passport?

What do I need to apply for a U.S. Passport?

What does a minor need to apply for a U.S. Passport?

What are the fees for a U.S. Passport?

Performance & Analytics

How are duplicates tagged? What should I expect if my report is tagged as a duplicate?


Who do I call regarding parking tickets?

How do I file a police report?

How are Noise Complaints Handled?

Who should I contact for cases related to individuals experiencing homelessness? What community resources are available?

What do I do if my vehicle was broken into or stolen?

What qualifies as a 72-hour (or abandoned) vehicle violation?

Can I submit multiple parking violations in one report?

What is a hate crime and how do I report it?

Private Property Problem

How do I find my Assessor's Parcel Number (APN)?

Public Utilities

Short-Term Residential Occupancy (STRO)

What types of Short-Term Residential Occupancy (STRO) violations can I report on Get It Done?


Who do I contact for issues with bees?


How can I have a Neighborhood Watch sign installed?

When is my street going to be swept?

When will the overhead utility lines in my neighborhood be moved underground?

Top FAQs

Why are street light repairs taking longer than normal?


How do I report an issue with a scooter or bike share?

Why was my resurfacing evaluation request closed and what does the City do with my request?

How does the City address graffiti on commercial property after receiving a Get It Done report?

Trash Containers

How do I locate a container serial number?

What if my trash container is lost, stolen, or damaged?

Why is an Owner Certification required for multi-family requests?

Why do I have to pay for a container and delivery when you broke it?


How do I request a free tree?

Vegetation Encroachments Problem

Who is responsible for private vegetation encroaching on the street or sidewalk?


Where can I dispose of electronic waste (E-waste)?

Waste on Private Property

Someone left an item (sofa, mattress, etc.) on the sidewalk / in the alley / in the canyon. How do I report this?

How can I dispose of a mattress or box spring?