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Torrey Pines State Beach
Photo by Luis Peraza

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How can I start, stop, or update my water account information? 

How can I reach the Water / Wastewater (sewer) Department? 

Why was my resurfacing evaluation request closed and what does the City do with my request? 

How do I report an issue with the trolley or bus? 

How long do problems take to be resolved? 

How Do I Exchange an Organic Waste Recycling Green Container (to a different size)? 

How do I report an abandoned shopping cart and request its removal? 

How do I report a dead animal? 

What qualifies as a 72-hour (or abandoned) vehicle violation? 

How to Obtain a Container 

Trash Container Types and Sizes 

Report an Illegal Cannabis Business 

How are Noise Complaints Handled? 

Who is responsible for private vegetation encroaching on the street or sidewalk? 

How do I request additional refuse, recycle, or greens/ organics containers? 

How are duplicates tagged? What should I expect if my report is tagged as a duplicate? 

Who should I contact for cases related to individuals experiencing homelessness? What community resources are available? 

How long does it take to process my passport? 

Can I submit multiple parking violations in one report?