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Torrey Pines State Beach
Photo by Luis Peraza

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How long do problems take to be resolved? 

Who should I contact for cases related to individuals experiencing homelessness? What community resources are available? 

How long does it take to process my passport? 

Can I submit multiple parking violations in one report? 

What qualifies as a 72-hour vehicle violation? 

What happens when I submit a 72-hour vehicle violation report? 

How are Noise Complaints Handled? 

What if my trash container is lost, stolen, or damaged? 

How do I locate a container serial number? 

Replace Damaged Container 

Why do I have to pay for a container and delivery when you broke it? 

Why are street light repairs taking longer than normal? 

What happens when I submit a Homeless Outreach / Encampment report? 

Additional Container 

How do I report a concern about sidewalk vending? 

How do I report a water quality concern? 

Nearby Cities 

What payment options are available for containers? 

How do I request a free tree?